Chicken Fingers

Chicken fingers (also called chicken strips, chicken tenders, or chicken fillets) is chicken meat that does not include any bones or skin.Chicken fingers are prepared by dipping chicken meat in a breading mixture and then deep frying them, or by grilling them with no breading.Traditionally, chicken fingers are primarily white meat, made from the rib meat trimmed from the breast.Chicken fingers are served in numerous restaurants in the United States, Canada, Europe, and Australia. Often the style of breading can determine what kind of restaurant it is served in.In the New England region of the United States, chicken fingers are usually made with an egg batter and have a smooth texture and are served almost exclusively in Chinese restaurants as an appetizer or as a main dish.Elsewhere, the breading mixture lacks eggs and the texture of the dish itself is often rather coarse. This version is often served alongside various dipping sauces. The dipping sauces can include: ketchup, blue cheese dressing, ranch dressing, barbecue sauce, honey mustard, Buffalo wing sauce, butter and garlic, or the sweet and sour Polynesian sauce. These kind of chicken fingers are often served in a basket with french fries, served on a garden salad, or in a sandwich, such as a wrap or on a bun.Chicken tenders are offered by various fast food chains like McDonald's "Chicken Select Strips"  and Wendy's "Homestyle Chicken Strips" that were discontinued in the US in 2007, though continue to be offered in Canada.


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