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Date: Wed, Jun 8, 2011 at 1:18 PM
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Dear Marya,

I have got mansion for 17500 Baht/month, close to the foofhill, fully furnished, 77 sq.m. 1 bedroom, 1 bahtroom.
on the 4th floor, walk to the 4th floor. and you should rent motor bike. about 2-3 km. from city.
I did not show this listing on our site yet.  This one easy to get taxi.

Best Regards,
Pallada Wongvan (Am)

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T. Chang Puek, A. Muang,
Chiangmai, Thailand, 50300.

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I search a house for renting in first week of July. My husband and me want to stay at Chiang mai for  2 month and because of this we search a house  or apartment.
I visit your site and now I need your advices for finding  suitable furnished house with 1 bedroom.
I can pay between 10000 till 15000 BTH for month.
Marya Sholevar


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