Chicken Burger

A chicken sandwich is a boneless, skinless, breast of chicken on a hamburger bun topped with condiments and trimmings.The breast of chicken can be prepared by either:Battering and frying the breast. This type of treatment, as it can use various parts of the breast rather than a whole piece of chicken breast meat, is known in most parts of the world as a Chicken burger.Grilling the breast plainBasted in barbecue sauce, or marinated in teriyakiThe usual condiment of choice is barbecue sauce, but honey mustard, mayonnaise and chipotle have become popular in recent times. The usual trimmings are lettuce and tomato. Many restaurants may add bacon, or cheese, such as Swiss, American, Cheddar, Provolone, or Pepper Jack. Other toppings include: Guacamole, or avocado, sauteed mushrooms, grilled pineapple, or grilled onions.The chicken sandwich is a staple of fast food, particularly American fast food, competing with hamburgers and fish sandwiches. The chicken sandwich can become a sub sandwich or a wrap with a different type of bread.Chick-fil-A claims that it was the first restaurant to serve a chicken sandwich, though such claims cannot be verified due to the fact that they are claiming to be the first to put chicken between bread. The chain's sandwich is served plain with only pickles on the bun with the fried chicken breast, because when Truett Cathy first served his invention to customers, the only condiments he had on hand were pickles.


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